Founded in 2007, the Toronto Chapter of the SSEA facilitates interest in ancient Egypt in the Greater Toronto Area. To achieve our mandate of generating interest in ancient Egypt we:

  • host an annual lecture programme that focus on all things Egyptian: history, archaeology and language
  • educate the public about the history, culture and archaeology of Egypt, from prehistory through modern times
  • organise field trips to museums that host an Egyptian exhibit or pop-culture events with an Egyptian theme

On November 18, 2021, Dr. Terry Miosi, one of the founders of the SSEA gave a lecture on “The SSEA: Its Infant and Adolescent Years,” which was given as part of the 50th anniversary lecture series of the SSEA.  Dr. Miosi was joined by other founders and early members for this lecture and he asked that it be recorded and placed on the website so that the story of the SSEA can be shared with all members.  Please click on the link below to watch the lecture.